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School Community Council Candidates Wanted!

Submitted by l.degraffenried on Fri, 07/07/2017 - 08:15

Attention ALL Parents!

Would you like to serve on Goshen Elementary 2017-2018 School Community Council?

Goshen Elementary School Community Council (SCC) serves as an advisory council to the school administration.  

State law establishes the following guidelines:

  • The SCC will consist of parents, employees and the principal.
  • The SCC will be elected by vote.  Parents will elect parents and staff members will elect staff members.
  • The SCC will meet for one hour monthly.  The day and time will depend on the elect parents' schedule. We will set that at our first meeting in September. 
  • The SCC will address many issues that may include, but not limited to, Trust Lands Planning, Building Needs Assessments, School Improvement Plans, etc.
  • The SCC will compile an annual performance report of the school to be sent to the Nebo School Board.

If you are interested in running in the election for School Community Council, please email the information at the bottom of this sheet to the principal ( by August 22, 2017.

The election will run August 25 - Sept. 1.


Name: ______________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________________________________

Name(s) of child(ren) attending Goshen: ______________________________________________________________