February 2018

Where is Spirit Wednesday?


Where was Spirit spotted this week?  Take your guesses to the office by Friday morning.  One person will win a prize for guessing the correct location!

Box Top Wars


Box Top Wars is happening this week!  Send those box tops in with your students no later than FRIDAY!  There will be a prize given to the class with the most box tops turned in!  This is a GREAT way for our school to get money, so send them in!

Winter Kindness Carnival


The students at Goshen School were rewarded for all of their hard work and kind deeds they did during Kindness Week with a fun carnival.  There were lots of winter themed fun and games.  We also had 7th graders from the local Jr. Highs visiting for their job shadows who helped with the games.  We would like to thank these students and our awesome technicians for helping running the carnival.  The kids had lots of fun!