School News

Mrs. Long's class performs their knowledge of Roman Government!

The winners of the competition!
The boys sang to the tune of Baby Shark!
Mrs. Long stole the show with her rap of Roman Government!

Mrs. Long put a twist on Roman Government. She asked her students to RAP about it! They were in groups and each wrote a rap/song about what they have learned about Roman Government. Then they performed in a competition. The show ended with Mrs. Long performimg, and a roaring round of applause! Goshen Elementary is lucky to have such a fun and creative teacher as Mrs. Long. Nice job 6th graders! 

Ballet West

The dancers showing students how they practice.
Student volunteers came up to dance!
The dancers performed Sleeping Beauty!

Ballet West came out to Goshen this week! They taught the students about being a dancer and how things have changed over the years. The students learned how the dancers train, what it takes to perform, and everyone involved in the shows! They ended their time with a performance of Sleeping Beauty. They were all very talented!

All About Mrs. Robison


Mrs. Robison is our favorite assistant secretary!  Her favorite food is Mexican and Chinese.  She enjoys a cold Pepsi almost every day!  Her favorite book is “Heavenly Surrender” and her favorite movie is You’ve Got Mail. She would like to learn to how to crochet.

Thank you Mrs. Robison for helping to keep our school running smoothly and caring about all of us!!!

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All About Mrs. Long

Mrs. Long is new to our school this year.  She teaches sixth grade!  She loves to visit Sequim, Washington and Hawaii.  Her favorite food is Mexican and she enjoys Dr. Pepper!  Her favorite book is A Tale of Two Cities.  Her favorite movie is Pitch Perfect.   She would love to learn to play the cello!

Thank you Mrs. Long for helping our students to learn!

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All About Mrs. Rankin


Mrs. Rankin is one of our awesome speech teachers!  She loves to visit the beach at Cancun, Mexico.  Her favorite food is Mexican. She enjoys Pink Lemonade. Her favorite book is Heidi.  Her favorite movie is The Good Dinosaur. She would love to learn how to speak English perfectly.  She is the happiest when her students are making progress.

Thank you Mrs. Rankin for teaching us!

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All About Mr. Hunt


Mr. Hunt is one of our awesome 6th grade teachers!  He loves the mountains and has been to the Bahamas.  He loves to eat tritip steak and to drink Horchata. His favorite book is Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.  He enjoys woodworking and learning new skills. 

Thank you Mr. Hunt for helping our students learn!

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Mrs. Tromble and Mrs Albright receive the Horace Mann Outstanding Classified Employee Award

Congratulations to Mrs. Tromble and Mrs. Albright!  They are so deserving of this award!  

Mrs. Tromble is responsible for our Imagine Learning program at Goshen.  She helps our students be successful with the program.  She also tutors students in reading!

Mrs. Albright is our Mathlete Coach and math tutor.  She prepares our 4-6 grade students to compete in the Matn Olympiads.  She also tutors students in math!

Goshen Elementary is proud of them and appreciate all they do to help our students!

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