Falcon Times Newsletter August 2015

Falcon Times Newsletter

Great Start

The 2015-2016 school year is off to a fantastic start.  Our students have been excited and motivated to begin another year of school.  The teachers have worked very hard to make the beginning of school a success.  With such great staff members and students, we can’t help but have a successful school year. 

Check the Goshen Website (goshen.nebo.edu) often.  We will be posting pictures of the great things that are happening at Goshen.  When we send home information from the front office, it will be sent with your youngest student.  Please check backpacks regularily.


There has been a PRICE CHANGE for breakfast and lunch:

Breakfast prices: Student - $1.50; Adult - $2.00; Reduced - $.30

Lunch prices: Student - $2.00; Adult - $4.00; Reduced - $.40

Milk: $.50 CASH only, (IF a student is eating school lunch it is included in the price. Home Lunch students: $.50 cash or can be taken out of their lunch account.)

Apple and Orange Juice: $.50 If a student is lactose intolerant and need a juice instead of Milk, PLEASE let Debbie Hudson know ASAP.  ANY OTHER STUDENT WANTING JUICE INSTEAD OF MILK IT IS $.50 – CASH ONLY.

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Goshen Elementary

Our Open House will be on Tuesday, August 18th from 2:00-3:00 pm.  Please come to find your classrooms and meet your teachers!  

 The first day of school is Wednesday, August 19th.  We are excited to see you!  Please don't forget that every Wednesday is an early out day.  School end’s at 2:30 on the first day of school.  

(Kindergarten’s first day is Wednesday, August 26th.)


School Community Council meets monthly, usually on the first Wednesday of every month at 3:30.  The council discuss school related issues and coordinate efforts to meet those needs.  If you have any questions, issues, or concerns you would like discussed, please contact a member of our SCC.


Important Dates!

Meet the Teachers:  August 18, 2:00-3:00 pm

School Starts (1-6 Grades) August 19, 2015

Kindergarten Assessment (by appointment) Aug. 19-25, 2015

Kindergarten Starts August 26, 2015

Back to School Night August 27, 6:00 pm (Free hot dog and drink)

School Schedule


First through Sixth Grades

8:30 a.m. ...........................................Bus Arrival/Start Breakfast

8:30 – 9:00 a.m. ……………………………….Teacher Preparation Time

8:55 a.m. ........................................................................First Bell

9:00 a.m. ...............................................Tardy Bell/School Starts

3:15 p.m. .....................................................School Dismissed

3:20 p.m. .............Bell for walkers, car pool, bus pupils to be out

3:15-3:45 p.m. ...................Teachers available by appointment

Wednesday is Early-Out Day

           2:30 p.m. ……………………………….....…School Dismissed

           2:35 p.m. ……………………………..……..……“Be out” bell

           2:45-3:45 p.m. ……….............….….Teachercollaboration

Kindergarten Schedule

Kindergarten Schedule

Morning Session

Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.                 9:00 - 11:35 a.m.             Wednesday   9:00-11:15 a.m.

Afternoon Session

Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.,  12:40 - 3:15 p.m.      Wednesday   12:15-2:30 p.m.

All-day Kindergarten

Same as First through Sixth Grades


Goshen Elementary Registration

Goshen Elementary Registration

July 30, 2015      8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

What Happens at Registration?

  • Receive class assignments
  • Update your child’s contact information
  • Receive materials & school information
  • Pay activity donation - We ask $20 per child
  • Pay for School lunch – (completed applications for free and reduced lunches will determine Title 1 Funding for the 2015-2016 school year)
  • Update Kindergarten Immunization records (these need to be up to date before your child can start kindergarten)
  • Join PTA and sign up to volunteer
  • Buy School T-Shirts ($8.00) and Hoodies ($16.00)
  • Pay for Goshen Elementary Yearbook - $15.00

We will have computers available at the school to update your family contact information.

Tell your friends!

It is critical that all schools have an accounting of student enrollment to achieve accurate numbers; all students must register on July 30, 2015. (801-667-3361)

Teachers Leaving Goshen Elementary School

Mrs. Staheli, Mrs. Barlow and Mrs. Baguley

This year we have three teachers leaving Goshen School. They are Mrs. Patsy Barlow, Mrs, Leslie Baguley, and Mrs. Lori Staheli. We want to give them a great big THANK YOU!!! and wish them the best in the years to come.

Patsy Barlow has been a Kindergarten teacher at Goshen School for 22 Years. She also taught for 7 years at Franklin Elementary in Provo.  She said, “I have loved working with kindergarten teachers for 29 years. It has been so rewarding to see children progress from not even knowing how to line up, to grasping the fundamentals of reading. It is fun to see students as adults and parents themselves, who remember me as their teacher when they were five. I have had the privilege of working with many different teachers and principals during my years in education. These teachers and principals have influenced my teaching for the better and have helped and guided me throughout the years. I will miss my association with the children and colleagues, but I am looking forward to retirement.”

Leslie Baguley has been a 2nd grade teacher at Goshen Elementary School for 15 years. She said, “I have loved my time with Nebo School District. I felt proud every August when we all meet at the start of a new school year, and are welcomed as a family. All my years have been at Goshen teaching 2nd Grade. I love the kids of this school, the faculty, and Principal. We are close and are always there to help each other.”

Lori Stalleli has been a kindergarten teacher for the past 5 years at Goshen School. She has loved her years here and has adored her students.  She is leaving Goshen at this time, so that she can spend more time with her twin girls.




May Dance Festival

May Dance Festival
May Dance Festival
May Dance Festival
May Dance Festival
May Dance Festival

We had "Dancing with the Stars" at Goshen School! And the stars were from the first to sixth Grades!  As a school, each grade shared their dance skills with the school and our community. A special THANK YOU to Karlene Savage for working with our school for a very successful event!

May Dance Festival this Tuesday, May 26

School Practice for the May Dance Festival
School Practice for the May Dance Festival

The annual May Dance Festival will be this Tuesday, May 26 at 10:00am. in the gym.   Because of the daily rain showers, the festival will be held in the school gym.  Also, please do not allow your child to wear flip flops or lose fitting sandals  (because they may fall during their dance).  Each grade has been asked to wear the following outfits:

1st Grade: Goshen school shirts or yellow & blue shirts.

2nd Grade: Boys black shirts & girls bright colored tops.

3rd Grade: White t-shirts, baseball cap, and jeans.

4th Grade: Anything western... jeans, levi's, western skirts, western tops, cowboy hats, big belt buckles, cowboy boots or just a white t-shirt and jeans.

5th Grade: red, white, or blue tops.

6th Grade: Western wear (like 4th grade).


We look forward to seeing you there!

5th Grade Parade of States

5th Grade State Reports
5th Grade State Reports
5th Grade State Reports
5th Grade State Reports
5th Grade State Reports

The 5th Grade classes shared their annual Parade of States reports for the school and their families to enjoy. It was fun to have the students share their knowledge and their poster boards of their state.  Great Job 5th Grade!

Important Events!


Important Dates – Mark your calendars!

May 19:  5th Grade Parade of States 1-2:30 pm

May 20:  Talent Show 1-2:00 pm

May 22:  Kindergarten Graduation 10:00 am/Last Day of Kindergarten

May 25: Memorial Day – No School

May 26-29: Kindergarten Assessments

May 26:  May Festival 10 am (Bring chairs –It will be outside on the south grassy area)

May 27: Field Day/ Payson High School Graduation 4 pm

May 28:  Awards Day - Each class is doing their own.

May 28: 6th Grade Graduation 2-3:00 pm

May 29:  Last Day of School – Early out – 12:00 pm (NOON)

My summer hours are Monday through Thursday 8:00-4:00 and Friday 8:00-12:00. Changes to that schedule will be posted on the front door of the school.


Thanks for a great year,

Mrs. DeGraffenried

***Turn in Box Tops by Friday – we will send them in next week. (Many will expire in June, 2015)