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Goshen 6th Graders Enjoy A Graduation Luncheon


The 6th graders at Goshen School enjoyed a graduation luncheon on Friday afternoon.  They were taught about good manners and etiquette and put those to use during the luncheon.  As their time here at Goshen winds down, and the prospect of Jr. High is on the horizon, we hope that the manners and etiquette they have learned is something that they use to show those in the "big city" that Goshen is a great place to be from!  Thank you to all of those that took time out of their schedules to make this luncheon possible!

Goshen's Got Talent


Goshen students showcased their talents on Wednesday afternoon.  We sure have some talented kids at our school!  Anything from dance, to singing, to magic to playing the piano.  Here are just a few pictures of those that performed.

Goshen School is Represented at May's School Board Meeting


Goshen School was asked to come present some of the awesome things we are doing at the Nebo School District Board Meeting this week.  After much thought, it was decided to present the awesome things that our School Community Council are doing, the great way that the 5th grade teachers integrate the fine arts into their everyday teaching, and the 6th and 2nd grade students performed "We Can Be a Light" from their Veteran's Day Program.  

Retirement Open House for Mrs. Allinson


 Our friend and colleague, Mrs. Margaret Allinson will be retiring after many dedicated years at Goshen School.  There will be an Open House in her honor on May 23, 2016 from 3:30 pm-5:00 pm at the school.  Any friends and past students of Mrs. Allinson are invited to come visit with her, and wish her well.  Mrs. Allinson has touched many lives and will be missed.  Good Luck Mrs. Allinson!