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Teacher Appreciation Week Doors


This week (May 2nd through May 6th) is Teacher Appreciation Week.  A huge Thank You goes out to all of the PTA and Parent Volunteers that helped decorate the doors at the school on Friday to have them ready for the teachers Monday Morning!  The doors look great!

Western Hoe-Down Held at Goshen


Last week, Goshen students were taught about the history of Western Dance, and they were taught the basics of square dancing.  This kids had fun learning the different steps to square dancing, and then putting it into practice.  They were even able to square dance to popular music.  It was a good time for everyone!

Homework Lab Wrapping Up


The last day of Homework Lab will be Thursday.  We want to thank Miss Brinkerhoff for being available every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the year to help all students that needed help.  THANK YOU!