Success in Serving Lunch at Goshen

Everyone takes a good nutritious school lunch, served daily, for granted.  It's always just there, it seems.  Not so much last Wednesday during the massive power outage in the south part of the county.  Nebo School District's back-up plan was to just serve a snack of cold food on hand in the school's kitchen, if the power remained off, as was expected.  When the power came back on at 11:00, it was time to get lunch ready at Goshen Elementary School.  Goshen was back on "Plan A," which is to get a hot, well-balanced meal to the students for lunch.  Pictured is Lesley Jacobsen, head cook at Goshen, "busting her hump" to prepare the Wednesday lunch on short notice.  The lunch ladies prepared nachos supreme with warm, melted cheese, hot corn, warm refried beans, and freshly cooked hamburger, with a warm churro for deseret.  Goshen School was the only school able to produce the whole scheduled lunch, which was served to the students for free, because all of the other students in the district were not charge for their "snack lunches."  "It is just what we do," stated Goshen Lunch Manager Donna Woodland.  "Our students expect a good meal every day and that's what they get."  The Goshen School faculty and parents appreciated the lunch ladies going into "overdrive" to keep the students learning on such a cold day.