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6th Grade Students Graduate From the NOVA Program

Submitted by krista.openshaw on Wed, 12/20/2017 - 12:57

Tuesday was a special day for the 6th graders because they finished, and graduated from the NOVA program.  We were lucky to have Deputy Taylor, from the Utah County Sheriffs Department, come visit us every Friday to talk about the NOVA Principles, and the NOVA theme "Illuminating the Path to Excellence".  He talked to the students about the effects of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and bullying on their lives.  The students learned so many important things during the weeks that Deputy Taylor visited us, and we are all so grateful that he was willing to come out to Goshen for our students.  The students were asked, during the last weeks of NOVA, to write their own NOVA constitution, and how they plan on implementing the things they learned in their lessons into their lives.  Five of the students were asked to read their consititutions aloud to the audience, showing how much they have grown.  It was great to hear from our students about how they are going to use the NOVA principles to Illuminate Their Path to Excellence.  Deputy Taylor also brought two of his Lieutenants with him.  We would like to give a big Thank you to Deputy Taylor!