January 2011

Violin Performance

The third grade students at Goshen Elementary had the chance to listen to their classmate Lance Burrell play his violin. Lance and his mom performed and talked about how working hard is rewarding.

Classified Employee of the Year at Goshen

Mr. Carwynn Carter was given the award for Classified Employee of the Year at Goshen Elementary. When something needs to be fixed, he gets right on it. Usually, it is back almost like new before the day is over. There isn’t anything he hasn’t been able to fix. Mr. Bird said, “Carwynn is always at work. When we teachers have a District Development Day and everyone else is off, he has to come and pull the clinkers from the furnace. Many Sunday nights he has stayed at school and cleared snow. If anything goes wrong, count on Carwynn to fix it.” Thanks Mr. Carter for all the hard work and a great school to be at!