PurpleAir: Air Quality Monitoring

Submitted by l.degraffenried on Tue, 08/14/2018 - 06:35

In recent years we have seen inversions, fires and other factors affect our outdoor air quality. There is concern about the effects of poor air quality on children’s health and their ability to breathe easily. Because of this, our school has adopted the following guidelines:


What will the school do?

  • We will check the Particulate Matter (PM2.5) levels. This information will guide our outdoor physical activities.
    • When the PM2.5 level falls between 35.5 and 55.4 µg/m3, we will let “sensitive” students and students experiencing respiratory symptoms, such as with a cold or allergies, stay indoors.
    • When the PM2.5 level rises above 55.5 µg/m3, outdoor recess will be cancelled for all children and alternative play/exercise opportunities will be offered indoors.
    • Physical Activity is a priority and impacts student health. We will provide indoor activities that will raise heart rate and count towards the 60 minutes of recommended physical activity each day.


What should parents do?

  • Parents, with advice from your health care provider, need to contact the school secretary or nurse if your child is “sensitive” to poor air quality.
    • Sensitive children may include those with significant or poorly controlled asthma, cystic fibrosis, chronic lung disease, congenital heart disease, compromised immune systems, or other respiratory problems.


For your information:


We are committed to providing a safe and healthy school environment for your child. Please contact the school if you have questions about this issue. (801-667-3361)