Teacher Tuesday

Submitted by krista.openshaw on Tue, 10/05/2021 - 13:45
Pictures of Mrs. Haines, fifth grade teacher

Meet Mrs. Haines, one of our 5th grade teachers! This is her third year teaching at Goshen School, and she says that she LOVES it!  She and her husband just built a home in Santaquin. She said she is blessed to have the most supportive husband, Peter. He is in his final semester of school to become a journeyman plumber. They also just welcomed their baby girl, Emery, a year ago. Mrs. Haines says that Emery is the most feisty/stubborn thing you'll ever meet.

I grew up in Provo and her husband grew up in Orem. His family still lives there, and her parents recently moved to Salem. Mrs. Haines feels extremely lucky to have family so close!

Mrs. Haines loves playing board games, swimming, watching movies and YouTube, and just being with family.

One interesting fact about her is that she has a HUGE water bottle. She says this is because she is really picky about the water she drinks, so she likes to have a big bottle so she has her favorite water all of the time.