Music is in the Air!

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Laura Brockbank

For the next few weeks, you might see a new face around...or hear some piano being played before school! Meet Laura Brockbank! She's a Music Integration coach working with Nebo School District and the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Program. This means that for the next 7 weeks, she will be working with our teachers on using music to teach other subjects (like math, spelling, writing, science etc.) She is very excited to be at our school!

Laura went to Payson High School, UCSC and BYU. She has taught 4th grade, Elementary Music and Art and worked with Spanish Fork Yourth Theater for 20 years. She also plays lots of fun instruments! She plays the Bagpipes, guitar, piano, clarinet Irish penny whistle, drum, concertina, ukulele and anything else she can get her hands on! She has also worked as a character actress and musician at Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove (and sometimes still does!) Laura has 5 kids, a geeky husband and currently lives in Spanish Fork.