Congratulations Mrs. Barber...Goshen Elementary's 2024 Teacher of the Year!

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Mrs. Barber Teacher of the Year

A huge congratulations goes out to Mrs. Cami Barber for being picked as this year's Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Barber started off her teaching career here at Goshen Elementary as a student teacher for Mrs. Norton. She was hired the next year and has been teaching 3rd grade for 9 years. She is a dedicated teacher and cares for each one of her students. She has a knack for seeing each of their potential, no matter who they are, and encouraging her students to reach that potential. She is passionate for teaching and it shows. Some of her fellow teachers said about her:

"Cami is a great teacher of the year because she is always willing to try something new.  She does it with a positive attitude and a smile.  She is very helpful in sharing the tips and tricks to make it easier for the rest of us." -Brittainy Thornton

"Cami is someone who I look up to so much as a teacher! Her passion and dedication for teaching is inspiring. She truly cares for her students and wants the best for them. I appreciate Cami, and all she does for third grade and our school!" -Matti Bennett

"Cami is dedicated and supportive of her students!  She has high expectations and pushes them to be the best they can be." -Belinda Larsen

"Cami is a true example of what a teacher should be. She cares for each of her students, has high expectations of them, and sees each of their potential. Our school wouldn't be the same without her." -Krista Openshaw

Our principal, Mr. Atkin said the following about Mrs. Barber:

"Cami has made a huge impact on our school and student success. She has been a long-standing third-grade teacher at Goshen School. She is industrious, reliable, punctual, and hard-working. She exemplifies integrity, kindness, and commitment. One of the most amazing things about her is her attitude. She is so happy and positive with the students and does everything in her power to make her classroom a sanctuary of learning and acceptance. This special attitude permeates every aspect of her career. She is willing to jump in with both feet when given the initiative. She is one of the first teachers to try new things and is happy to learn and improve her skills as an educator.  She is constantly seeking and implementing best practices. As a veteran teacher, she is always one of the first to implement professional development."

Congratulations Mrs. Barber on this well deserved award!