School News

Where is Spirt?


We've missed Spirit last week, and because this week is so short, he decided to visit early!  Where is he?  Stop by the office today and tomorrow and fill out the entry form for a chance to win a prize!  Winners will be announced Wednesday before school is out.

National School Lunch Week

It is National School Lunch Week (Oct 9-13)!  OUr fabulous lunch ladies have planned a few contests, including a coloring contest to celebrate!  They have fun prizes for the winners (to be announced on Friday).  

Parents are invited to choose one day to eat lunch with their student(s) during this week! ($2.00 preschoolers and $4.00 Adults)


Goshen Celebrates National Walk To School Day


Goshen School celebrated National Walk to School Day today.  Spirit the Falcon, Goshen Mayor Fred Jensen, Deputy Poulsen from the Utah County Sheriff and Mrs. DeGraffenried all welcomed our students at the crosswalk as they came to school.  We would like to give a HUGE thanks to Loretta Brailsford, our crossing guard, who makes sure our students cross the highway safely on their way to and from school every day.

2nd Grade Hold Egg Drop Contest

Belinda Larsen

The 2nd Grade Egg Drop was Friday, September 29th.    This was a hands on science experience in gravity!  Students had to “package” their raw egg so that hopefully, it did not break.  At 1:45 Mr. Carter used a hoist to raise our eggs to 18 feet into the air where he dropped them for parents and students to watch.  Students then had to open up their packaging to see if their egg was still intact.   Students celebrated the experience with a victory cheer or a chicken dance. It was "egg"citing for all and we can't wait to do it again next year. 

Where is Spirit Wednesday?


Looks like Spirit is looking for a teacher.  Where is he this week?  Remember to fill out the entry form in the office before Friday morning to be eligible for a prize!

Miss Utah Visits Goshen School


We had an awesome opportunity to have Miss Utah 2017, JessiKate Riley, come and visit our school on Tuesday.  She talked to us about bullying, and how to handle it if someone is bullying you.  Her catch phrase is "Shake it off, and take a step".  She also entertained us by playing her violin, whose name is Sam and is 115 years old.  He is from Austria.  One fun fact about her, is that our own LeighAnn Penrod was her 1st grade teacher!  Mrs. Penrod's class sure thought that was neat!  We want to thank Miss Riley for taking time out of her busy schedule to come visit Goshen.  She left a great message behind!

National Box Top Education Week



Sept 24-Sept 30  Help our school start the school year off on the right foot by participating in the first-ever National Box Tops for Education Week. From coast to coast, communities across the country will be coming together to help earn cash for their local schools. Collections sheets are being sent home today with students from Goshen ElementaryPlease make sure the entire date shows and that it has not expiredTape Box Tops to the Collection Sheets and return to the school office. Thank you for your participation. It really does add up and help our school.