School News

Top Readers at Goshen

Sidney Burrell and Sam Coleman

Goshen students are trying to reach their reading minute goal for the year.  There are three traveling trophies that rotate each week to to the top reading classes for the week.  Mrs. Monica Valerio's class has been one of the top reading classes in the school this year.  They have enjoyed having the trophy in their room for just about every week.  Fifth-grade students, Sidney Burrell and Sam Coleman have been a great help in this class receiving the most minutes.  Keep up the reading students!

Geometry Birds

Myra Ogden and Kennedy Guernsey working on their birds.

Fourth-grade students at Goshen Elementary have been learning about geometry.  They recently did an art project creating a bird using different geometric terms, such as, circle, diameter, radius, different angles, and lines.  It was fun for students to see what they had been learning in math put into an art project.


Magician Visits Goshen

Sophie Bateman a little confused about why the bunny is doing yoga.

Magician Visits Goshen

Students at Goshen Elementary are continuing to read in hopes to dye Principal Jim Welburn's hair.  To encourage students to continue reading, the Road to Success sent their magician to the school.  He did all kinds of tricks and had the students laughing the whole time.  Students were able to share some of their favorite books with the school and receive prizes too.

RAD Kids

Officer Tindal and Jenna Osborn practicing some self defense.

The third graders at Goshen Elementary have been participating in the Rad Kids program.  In this twelve week program students learn about personal empowerment and safety.  The PE technicians, Dusti Thompson and Heidi Sessions, with the help of Officer Tindal have been teaching the students and showing them some self defense moves they can use if they are in danger.

Goshen's Turkey Strut Competition

Jose Vazquez with his turkey

Goshen Elementary likes to celebrate Thanksgiving each year by having a turkey strut competition.  Students in each class are chosen to go against other students in the school showing their best turkey gobble, strut, or a combination of both.  This year two students won turkeys for having the best overall turkey performance.  A few teachers were lucky enough to give it a try this year and fifth-grade teacher, Mr. Nate Holt won a turkey for his performance!


Utah Native American Projects

Pictured is Devin Johnson

Students in Miss Samantha Jensen's fourth-grade class learned about some of the Utah Native American tribes that once lived in Utah.  Each student did research on one of the tribes and created a model of that tribe's dwelling.  Students were excited to present their projects to the class as they shared new information they learned.

The Utah Symphony Performs for the Fourth Graders

Tucker Bateman and Sydnie Sorensen waiting for the performance to start

Fourth graders at Goshen Elementary recently attended a performance put on by the Utah Symphony at Salem Hills High.  The students were excited when they heard a few familiar songs played by the symphony.  They were able to see what instruments were used to put together the songs.  Students even got up and marched in place to one of the marches played by the performers.  Thanks to the Utah Symphony for performing for students in Nebo District.

Sixth grade keyboarding

6th grade keyboarding.jpg

Sixth-grade students at Goshen Elementary just finished a six week typing program.  The students practiced each day to improve their typing skills and speed.  The fastest typers are Carson Bateman with 75 words per minute and Nathan Staheli with 60 words per minute.  Nice work sixth graders!

Goshen's Food Drive

Jesse Ekins, Megan Hazlet, and Austin Larson are collecting food

Students at Goshen Elementary collected food for the local food bank.  Students were glad to share what they had at home to help others in need.  Charity Pieper said, "The food drive is a very good activity, especially around Thanksgiving so we can be thankful.  I am glad we have this program and can help people in need."  Each classroom collected food for a week and the student council came around to each room and gathered all the food to distribute to families in the area.  Thanks to all those who donated items for the food drive!


Goshen's Fourth-grade Paleontologists


The fourth-grade students at Goshen Elementary spent time as Paleontologists studying many different Utah fossils. The Museum on the Move came and visited the students and allowed them to see many of the fossils they have at the museum. The students had a great time exploring, observing, wondering, and making inferences about plants and animals from Utah's past.