School News

4th Grade Parents and Pastries


This Monday (January 22nd) will be our 4th Grade Parents and Pastries activity.  If you have a 4th grader, please bring a favorite book to read and meet at 1:45 here at the school.  You will be able to read your book to a group of students and enjoy a donut with them.

Mrs. Norton's Class Collaborates With Another School

Jenny Staheli

On Thursday, January 18, Mrs. Norton's 4th Grade participated in a 'Mystery Skype' with another fourth grade class in the Salt Lake School District, in our library.  Each class picked a book they were familiar with and then made a list of 'yes' or 'no' questions they could ask the other class about the book they had chosen.  Mrs. Staheli and Mrs. Lewis (the other school's librarian) kept things on track as the classes took turns asking and answering questions over FaceTime, and by the end of library, the other class guessed that the book Mrs. Norton's class had chosen was "Charlotte's Web".  It took a couple of good hints on their part, but we finally guessed that the book they had picked was "The Chocolate Touch".  It was a great activity that all the fourth graders had fun with!

Where is Spirit Wednesday?


Spirit's back from vacation!  Where was the first place he visited in the New Year?  Take your guess to the front office and fill out an entry form!  A winner who guesses correctly will receive a prize on Friday!

Goshen Mathletes

The Goshen Mathlete students have a mind for doing math.  Mr. Rawlings and his Computer Integrated Manufacturing students (Nebo's Advanced learning Center) surprised the Mathletes by producing custom brag tags.  Look at these happy kids!  A Big Thanks from Mrs. Albright and all the Mathletes at Goshen Elementary!

Goshen's Christmas Celebration 2017


Goshen's Annual Christmas Celebration was held on Wednesday. Each grade sang a holiday song.  Then the students, faculty and staff sang "A Cup of Hot Cocoa" for our parents and grandparents. It was a great success!!!  #goshenheroes  #goshenfalcons

Gingerbread Houses Faculty Competition

Techer teams decorated Gingerbread Houses during faculty meeting on Monday afternoon.  The houses were displayed and then students voted for their favorite one.  The winning team (Second Grade:Mrs. Larson and Mrs. Penrod) was announced at our Chrismtas Celebration!  Then each gingerbread house was given to a randomly choosen student to enjoy for the holidays.  #goshenheroesSOAR  #goshenfalcons  #goshenheroes