Internet Safety Assembly

Internet Safety Assembly
Internet Safety Assembly

The students at Goshen School recently learned about Internet Safety.  They were shown with the help from a few cartoon characters friends, what not to do when using the internet at home or school.  Students were told to be smart and careful when using the internet.


Goshen School Crystal Apple Award

Crystal Apple Award

The Crystal Apple Award for Goshen School 2012-13 was awarded to Mr. Rex Bailey who is a 6th grade teacher. Congratulations to Mr. Bailey, who has taught for 32 years in Nebo School District.


Student Placement for Next Year

Student Placement for Next Year

Each spring, some parents request a specific teacher or special student placement consideration for the following school year.   Although this practice is not encouraged, I recognize the desire many parents have to be involved in this aspect of their child’s education.  Parent input is one of several factors I consider when creating classes – I balance classes academically, behaviorally, and socially making sure all students have an optimal environment.  I take my responsibility of student placement very seriously and will spend a great deal of time this summer on this task.  If you desire to request a specific teacher or special student placement for next year, please come to the office between APRIL 29 – MAY 10 to fill out a request form. We will not send one home with your student(s).  I do not deal with requests on a first-come, first-serve basis; I consider all the requests together.  The form will not be available until April 29 in the front office.

COLOCACIÓN de los alumnos para el PRÓXIMO año

Cada primavera, algunos padres hacen una petición para que sus hijos puedan tener un maestro o un lugar especifico el siguiente año escolar. Aun cuando no animamos a llevar a cabo este  procedimiento, reconozco que de alguna manera esto es una manera en que los padres se envuelven en la educación de sus hijos., Las observaciones de los padres es uno de todos los factores que considero cuando se crean las clases. – Balanceo las clases de manera académica, de conductay la socialidad, para estar segura de que todos  los estudiantes tendrán un ambiente optimo.  Tomo mi responsabilidad al colocar a los estudiantes muy seriamente y tomare bastante tiempo durante este verano para llevar a cabo este trabajo durante el verano.Si usted desea pedir a un maestro especifico o un lugar especial para su estudiante para el próximo año, por favor venga a la oficina entre el 29 de ABRIL y el 10 DE MAYO, para llenar una forma.No mandaremos una con sus hijos a casa y tampoco será en base al que primero escoja; voy a considerar todas las peticiones juntas. La forma no estará disponible sino hasta el 29 de Abril en la oficina principal.

Goshen School PTA Health and Safety Week

Health and Safety Week
Health and Safety Week
Health and Safety Week
Health and Safety Week
Health and Safety Week
Health and Safety Week

Thanks to the PTA for a wonderful Health and Safety Week. The students were challenged during the week to make healthy choices and to do the things that would, also enhance their safety. As a culminating activity the students rotated through stations from seat belt safety, to fire safety.  Thank you to the Goshen PTA, Utah County Sheriff Dept. for the seat belt crash cars and the Goshen Fire Department.

Kindy 500 Day for Kindergarten Students

Kindy 500 Day for Kindergarten Students
Kindy 500 Day for Kindergarten Students
Kindy 500 Day for Kindergarten Students
Kindy 500 Day for Kindergarten Students
Kindy 500 Day for Kindergarten Students

With the checker flag, they were off and running! The kindergarten classes were in a race for the Kindy 500 at Goshen School.  They drove their way through the halls to greet all of the school with their fancy hot rods! Kindergarten students drove around America learning about our wonderful nation, such as the bald eagle, Lady Liberty and a stop to meet Betsy Ross (Mrs. DeGraffenried) and learning about other symbols of the USA!

It Pays to Read Assembly in March

It Pays to Read

The students at Goshen School enjoyed another fun  “It Pays to Read” assembly. Students earned a chance to be picked in a drawing for prizes and a chance to shoot basketballs for money.  Thank you teachers, staff and parents at Goshen School, for your hard work and time to help inspire our students to read!

Nebo Chess Tournament

chess 2.jpg
chess winners.jpg

                              GOSHEN ELEMENTARY placed 7th out of 24 schools!

A special thank you to Mrs. Lopez for organizing the Chess Club.  We appreciate her support. We are also thankful for the great parents who have supported their students in the Chess Club.

                                        NEBO CHESS TOURNAMENT WINNERS

6th Grade:                                                                   4th Grade:

Fourth Place: Devon Lopez                                        Fifth Place: Marcus Stewart             

                                   NEBO CHESS TOURNAMENT PARTICIPANTS

Kindergarten                                                              1st Grade:

Sean Perry                                                                  Skylar Black

Abby Waters

Christian Voran         

3rd Grade:                                                                  4th Grade:

Lacie Waters                                                              Jason Lefevre

                                                                                    Emilee Voran

                                                                                    Jonathon Perry

5th Grade:                                                                   6th Grade:

Alexis Waters                                                             Brett Stewart

                                                                                    Rhyle Thompson


February Students of the Month

February Student of the Month - Friendliness

The theme for the month of February was Friendliness.  Students that were chosen because they show that they are extra friendly to others for the month for February were:

Kindergarten - Cody Carter, Rhett Anderson, Arianna Sabin

1st Grade - Skylar Black, Garrett Hofer

2nd Grade - McLayne Balzy, Cambry Seamons, Trevor Jacobsen, Victor Vazquez

3rd Grade - Elmina Clinger, Kache Davis

4th Grade - Lauren Cowan, Emilee Voran

5th Grade - Fatima Sanchez, Audrey Sexton

6th Grade - Mikayla Larson, Lydia Lundell