It Pays to Read Assembly in March

It Pays to Read

The students at Goshen School enjoyed another fun  “It Pays to Read” assembly. Students earned a chance to be picked in a drawing for prizes and a chance to shoot basketballs for money.  Thank you teachers, staff and parents at Goshen School, for your hard work and time to help inspire our students to read!

Nebo Chess Tournament

chess 2.jpg
chess winners.jpg

                              GOSHEN ELEMENTARY placed 7th out of 24 schools!

A special thank you to Mrs. Lopez for organizing the Chess Club.  We appreciate her support. We are also thankful for the great parents who have supported their students in the Chess Club.

                                        NEBO CHESS TOURNAMENT WINNERS

6th Grade:                                                                   4th Grade:

Fourth Place: Devon Lopez                                        Fifth Place: Marcus Stewart             

                                   NEBO CHESS TOURNAMENT PARTICIPANTS

Kindergarten                                                              1st Grade:

Sean Perry                                                                  Skylar Black

Abby Waters

Christian Voran         

3rd Grade:                                                                  4th Grade:

Lacie Waters                                                              Jason Lefevre

                                                                                    Emilee Voran

                                                                                    Jonathon Perry

5th Grade:                                                                   6th Grade:

Alexis Waters                                                             Brett Stewart

                                                                                    Rhyle Thompson


February Students of the Month

February Student of the Month - Friendliness

The theme for the month of February was Friendliness.  Students that were chosen because they show that they are extra friendly to others for the month for February were:

Kindergarten - Cody Carter, Rhett Anderson, Arianna Sabin

1st Grade - Skylar Black, Garrett Hofer

2nd Grade - McLayne Balzy, Cambry Seamons, Trevor Jacobsen, Victor Vazquez

3rd Grade - Elmina Clinger, Kache Davis

4th Grade - Lauren Cowan, Emilee Voran

5th Grade - Fatima Sanchez, Audrey Sexton

6th Grade - Mikayla Larson, Lydia Lundell


Book Author: J. Scott Savage Visits Goshen Elementary

J Scott Savage Assembly

Students in the upper grades at Goshen School enjoyed an assembly given by book author, J Scott Savage. He is the author of the Farworld middle grade fantasy series and the Case File 13 middle grade monster series. During the assembly, Mr. Savage shared with the students ways to make their writing exciting and creative. He told the students that he started telling stories to his cousins and friends when he was just eleven years old. It was at this young age that he knew that he wanted to be a writer.Mr. Savage has been writing and publishing books for over ten years. He has visited over 400 elementary schools, dozens of writers conferences, and taught many writing classes. He has four children and lives with his wife Jennifer and their Border Collie, Pepper in a windy valley of the Rocky Mountains.

January Students of the Month

February Students of the Month

The theme for January was "Responsibility" and showing that we can be responsible. The "Students of the Month" for January are;

Kindergarten - Karen Mendoza, Ashley Burningham, and Tayven Bingham

1st Grade - Hayden Young and Beau Steinfeldt

2nd Grade - Logan Jackson, Lindy Hampton, Paul Caballero, and Colby Cook

3rd Grade - Brylee Oldroyd and Brinley Cottam

4th Grade - David Spencer and Oscar Carreno

5th Grade - Bridger Eastwood and Seth Judd

6th Grade - Rahel Hiatt and Hank Bowers

3rd Grade Spelling Bee Winners

3rd Grade Spelling Bee Winners

Goshen Elementary third graders had a spelling bee sponsored by the Rotary Club.  The students had fun memorizing words and competing to find the top three spellers. The Spelling Bee winners were:

First place:  Jaeger Nelson
Second place:  Hope Williams
Third place:  Emily Sexton

100 Day Celebrations

Goshen School Celebrates 100th Day
Goshen School Celebrates 100th Day
Goshen School Celebrates 100th Day

The Kindergarten, first and second grades celebrated the 100th day of school. It was a fun day that included different math activities for counting to 100. The first grade students and teachers dressed up to look like they were 100 years old! 

It Pays to Read Assembly

It Pays to Read Assembly
It Pays to Read Assembly
It Pays to Read Assembly
It Pays to Read Assembly
It Pays to Read Assembly

Students at Goshen Elementary were given a reading goal at the first of the school year to read at least 20 minutes a day. If they meet their weekly minutes goal, students are entered into a drawing for books and prizes. To go along with the rewards, some of the students had their names drawn for an opportunity to make a basket for money during an assembly. Students learned that it does PAY TO READ!