School News

Thank You Principal Jim Welburn

Students with Mr. Welburn

Recently, Goshen Elementary found out that Principal Jim Welburn will be transferring to Salem Elementary next year.  Goshen wants to thank their principal for all his hard work and dedication over his four years of service.  

His dedication to students and their well-being is seen in his professional attitude and attention to detail.  Each of his decisions is made for the benefit of the students.  His focus on fostering a productive environment while maintaining a relationship with students is reflected in the time he spent allowing students to get to know him.

Each month students learned a little more about their principal as he shared some of his favorite picture books with them.  He developed a relationship with the students as he taught them lessons through books.  Students know the importance of reading through his example.  Students excitedly accepted his challenge of reading 2.5 million minutes as a school. In return he promised to dye his hair any color.  

Principal Welburn has also worked with the staff to build relationships where teachers can grow and work as a team.  He has helped teachers build their grade level collaboration teams with meetings every Wednesday afternoon.  He is always willing to come into classrooms and share ideas to help teachers succeed. He ensures that teachers understand what is expected of them as students learn and accomplish their individual goals.

Goshen Elementary is grateful for his hard work and dedicated service. The students and staff will miss him but know that Salem Elementary will benefit from his leadership. They also look forward to their new Principal, Garth Bird.


Goshen's Education Fair

Overall winners
Overall class winners

Each year Goshen Elementary has an Education Fair where students can explore and learn more about concepts that interest them. They may participate in Language Arts, Science, Math or Social Studies activities. The students are required to make a visual, showing what they did for their project. They present their projects to judges and receive medals and collectors' coins.  This is a great event.  One that Goshen looks forward to each year.  The overall winners this year were Logan Allinson and Lilianna Allred who have been participating in the Education Fair each year. The overall class winners for 2010 were: Emilee Voran, Lauren Voran, Hank Bowers, Brandon Jasperson, Parker Hannifin, & Logan Allinson. 


Students using math to make goodies.

Goshen Elementary's first graders in Mrs. Dyreng's class recently did a unit on standard measurement. Students enjoyed measuring ingredients for a batch of no bake cookies. From this activity students learned about measuring capacity. They used a variety of measuring tools throughout their unit of study.

How's Your Seuss Language?

Carrie Norton

Students in Mrs. Norton’s 4th grade had fun making their own crazy Dr. Seuss creatures. They worked hard in groups to create a character out of random objects and art supplies brought from home. Once their creature was complete, they gave it a creative name and wrote a short poem about it using zany words! The characters pictured from left to right are: The Skinkle Finkle Whinkle Deww, The One Eyed Spotted Vandooper Scooper, The Fattalicka Smicka Ticka, The Squishy Ishy Wshon Bug, The Picture Micture Ficture Taking Freek, and The Zookady Flukady Been!


Chess Tournament

Devon Lopez thinking about his next move.

On March 6, the Nebo School District put on a chess tournament for elementary students.  Goshen Elementary student, Devon Lopez, attended the chess tournament. He competed in the third grade division and won 2nd place.

Fourth graders visit the Hutching's Museum

Students locked up in an old jail cell.

Fourth-grade students from Goshen Elementary took a field trip to the Hutching's Museum in Lehi.  Students learned more about science and Utah's history.  They saw many types of rocks, fossils, and minerals that are found in Utah.  They learned about the Native Americans that lived here and saw some arrowheads, drums, and how they used animals and crops.  They also learned about the pioneers and lifted up the heavy irons they used for clothes.  One of the students' favorite parts was learning about the Wild West where they were locked up in an old jail cell.

Math Dance

Third graders showing their math terms through dancing.

Mrs. Margaret Allinson's third graders have been learning about motions of figures in their geometry unit.  They performed a dance showing slides, translations, reflections, rotations, turns, and flips.  Students had fun coming up with their moves and using their math knowledge to dance.  Pictured is Talia Ehlers, Ahsee Blu, Palmer Gutke, Keaton Broderick, and Jose Vazquez.


Payson Junior High Orchestra visits Goshen Elementary

Makade Cowan playing the violin.

The Orchestra from Payson Junior High came out to Goshen Elementary to show their instruments to the sixth graders.  The sixth grade students will be going to junior high next year and will be able to do band or orchestra, so this was a good opportunity for them to see what instruments they can play.  The sixth graders found out how easy it is to play an instrument when their classmate, Makade Cowan, went up and played “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” on his first try playing the violin.

100th Day of School

Ruby Morales and Daisy Vasquez with their 100 glasses on.

Friday, January 29 was the 100th day of school at Goshen Elementary.  First and second graders rotated and did centers focused on the number 100.  Some first graders, with the help of their fourth-grade reading buddies, made a list of 100 things they could eat.  Students are beginning to realize they are more than halfway through the school year. 

The Crystal Apple Award at Goshen

Mrs. Julie Parkin receiving the Crystal Apple Award.

On Wednesday, January 27, the Crystal Apple Award at Goshen Elementary was given to Mrs. Julie Parkin.  This is Julie's second year teaching sixth grade at Goshen Elementary.  Julie has four kids and is known to some as the yard sale queen.  She spends hours working at home on weekends making lessons and developing hands-on-activities for her students.  Julie has been writing amazing songs to teach math and science concepts.  Her students love her and enjoy coming to class every day.  They know there will be some fun activities and songs to be learned.  Thanks Mrs. Parkin for all your hard work and dedication!