School News

Celebrating Place Value

First graders in Mrs. Hilary Dyreng's class at Goshen Elementary celebrated the 30th day of school! Eric Jacobsen, Dillon Ewell, Sky Simmons, Gus Carter, Kaylyn Eastwood, Scarlett Penrod, Brylee Oldroyd, and Reagan Black are wearing their tie-dye shirts they made on the 20th day of school. Mrs. Dyreng's class looks forward to every 10th day of school to celebrate ZERO HERO to help them understand place value. They are already counting down to day 100!

Thanks UVU!

Mrs. Monica Valerio and her fifth grade class.

The fifth graders at Goshen Elementary received a grant from Utah Valley University to go see the play, Wiley and the Hairy Man.  Students enjoyed the production and were able to practice their writing skills as they wrote thank you letters to Utah Valley University.

Thanks Grandma Chatwin!

Mrs. Patsy Barlows Kindergartners with Grandma Chatwin

Goshen Elementary wants to thank Grandma Chatwin for all of her time she gives to students to help them succeed. Grandma Chatwin was recognized at a banquet and received a plaque for serving 20 years as a volunteer in the Foster Grandparent Program. All of those years were as a volunteer at Goshen Elementary in the kindergarten classes.

Goshen's School Spirit Winners

The students in Mr. Jason Dickie's second grade class were picked for the second time this year as the winner of the Goshen Elementary School spirit contest. The contest is judged on the percentage of students wearing the school colors of gold (yellow) and blue. The second graders are holding up two fingers to show how many times they have won the contest this year.

Fourth graders get to see the Utah Symphony perform

Mrs. Peckham's fourth graders.

Fourth grade students at Goshen Elementary were all dressed up on September 14 to go and hear the Utah Symphony perform.  Students enjoyed seeing the instruments used to play some familiar songs they knew from movies. The conductor showed students how songs can tell a story.  Thanks for a great performance Utah Symphony!

Reading has begun at Goshen

Alexys Palmer reading with her first grade reading buddies Ella Burningham and Sky Simmons.

Goshen Elementary is participating in the Road to Success program again this year. Students are already reading to earn their reading tickets so they can win bikes and other awards through the year. This year the program is giving away a bike every term! Keep up the reading students.

New Playground

Students on the new playground

Goshen Elementary students were excited to return to school this year and meet their new principal and new teachers.  The students could hardly wait for recess because of the new playground that was put in this summer.  The playground was built with money from the bond passed last election.

Spirit Days at Goshen

Mr. Jason Dickie's second grade class at Goshen Elementary School was the winner of the first weekly School Spirit Day contest. The class that wears the most of the school colors of blue or gold (yellow) wins a beautiful falcon trophy for a week. The trophy of the school mascot was created in wood by former Goshen teacher Mr. Arlin Ewell back in 1987.

Goshen's 100th Opening

Josh Ward pulls rope to the bell to start the school year.

School is now in session!  Josh Ward, a sixth grade student from Goshen Elementary School, pulls rope to the bell in the belfry of the school to start the school year.  Goshen School is celebrating its 100th year of being a school counting both buildings called Goshen School.

Actually there have been other “schools” in Goshen since 1861, according to Ray Steele, local historian and author of The History of Goshen Valley.  Just four years after Goshen’s founding by Phineas Cook in 1857, the old schools had slates with which to write and often seven grades in one room.

When the Goshen School was built in 1910 at a cost of $20,000, it had seven classrooms with heat and indoor toilets.  It also had a bell which was used to call students from all over the valley to school.  The bell was brought from the old school to the new Goshen School building, constructed in 1983, and placed in the specially built belfry in the new school.  To mark the 100th birthday of Goshen School, each student pulled the rope and sounded the bell.  There is no question in Goshen that school is back in session!

The Parade of States

parade of states.JPG

The fifth graders at Goshen Elementary have been working hard for about three weeks on state projects.  Students researched one of the fifty states to find out everything there is to know about that state.  The students put together all their information on a poster showing graphs, pictures, statistics, brochures, and state symbols.  The school had a Parade of States where all the students in the school were invited to come and find out everything the fifth graders learned.  Students were excited to learn about the famous people and cool things each state has.  Thanks fifth graders for teaching Goshen about our states!