School News

Goshen's Students of the Month

These are the students of the month from Goshen Elementary School. Included in the picture are Vianey Vazquez, Max Kropf, Paul Caballero, Porter Walker, Layne Osborn, Jesalyn Fowers, Raegan Anderson, Kanyion Gonzalez, Emilee Voran, Jacob Gutke, Dawson Shepherd, Aubree Carter, Bridger Eastwood, Evyn Staheli, Jenna Osborn, Kennedy Guernsey, Silvia Escobar, Selena Morales, Parker Hannifin, Tucker Brown and Bailey Fridell.

Hoodie Day at Goshen

Goshen Elementary had a contest to see which class had the most school spirit. The gauge this time was how many students would join us for Hoodie Day at Goshen Elementary. The winner was Mrs. Erica Fordiani's sixth grade class pictured above.

Super Bowl Winners at Goshen

Who can predict the final score of the Super Bowl XLV before the game starts? The Goshen Elementary School lunch department wanted to know the answer, so they made a contest offering a pizza lunch with soda pop and cake. So who predicted the closest? It was Mrs. Patsy Barlow's all-day kindergarten class!

Bikes for Reading at Goshen

victory lap 2.jpg

Rian Ewell, daughter of Brian and Carolee Ewell of Genola, is taking a victory lap around the Goshen Elementary School after winning a brand-new bicycle from Walmart for her reading in Ken Garff's "Road to Success" program. Rian is a third grade student in Mrs. Audra Lott's and Mrs. Margaret Allinson's class. And, yes, she does love to read.

Goshen's Spirit Day


Mr. Nathan Dickie is holding up the falcon spirit trophy that his second grade class at Goshen School won for showing the most school spirit last week. All of his students but one wore their school colors of blue and gold to school on Friday.

Goshen's Chess Club

chess club.jpg

Goshen Elementary has started a chess club that meets once a week to play. There are 25 excited members ranging from 1st-6th grade. We look forward to representing Goshen Elementary in the Nebo School District Tournament being held in March.

Violin Performance

The third grade students at Goshen Elementary had the chance to listen to their classmate Lance Burrell play his violin. Lance and his mom performed and talked about how working hard is rewarding.

Classified Employee of the Year at Goshen

Mr. Carwynn Carter was given the award for Classified Employee of the Year at Goshen Elementary. When something needs to be fixed, he gets right on it. Usually, it is back almost like new before the day is over. There isn’t anything he hasn’t been able to fix. Mr. Bird said, “Carwynn is always at work. When we teachers have a District Development Day and everyone else is off, he has to come and pull the clinkers from the furnace. Many Sunday nights he has stayed at school and cleared snow. If anything goes wrong, count on Carwynn to fix it.” Thanks Mr. Carter for all the hard work and a great school to be at!

Hat Day at Goshen

Mrs. Renee Davis' second grade class at Goshen Elementary School won honors for every person in the class wearing a hat on the student council sponsored Hat Day last Friday. The falcon in the middle of the picture is their trophy for winning.

Goshen's sixth graders study Greek mythology

Mrs. Julie Parkin's sixth grade class has been studying Greek mythology.  They had fun performing reader's theater in front of their classmates as they learned more about the Greek gods and goddesses.