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Teacher Appreciation Week

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Faculty Room

Our PTA sure has worked hard to make our teachers here at Goshen School feel special this year!  Going with the Disney theme, all of the faculty came to school today to beautifully decorated doors, and a faculty room that was fully decorated as well.  We were also treated to a delicious lunch of tacos, baked potatoes and salad.  A HUGE thank you goes out to all of those PTA members and Room Moms that took time out of their busy schedules to make us feel special.  Check back each day to see what's happening that day!  (Today was wear your teacher's favorite color, and tomorrow is Pajama Day!)

Secretaries Day


Today is Secretaries Day!  We have two of the best ladies that run our office that we would like to celebrate!  Man people think that the principal and teachers run the school, but that's not true!  It's actually our wonderful secretaries, Mrs. Brenda Oberg and Mrs. Sheila Robison, that keep our school running!  We as a school staff, and all of our students want to say a HUGE "THANK YOU" to them for everything they do!  They not only run the front office, but find subs for sick teachers at the last minute, take classes until a sub can be found, take care of nervous students until parents can be contacted and even acts as school nurse when ours isn't here.  Without them, our school wouldn't run like a well oiled machine!  If you see these ladies today, please let them know how much they are appreciated! 

Goshen Elementary Kids Marathon


Many of the students at our school have been working hard towards running our marathon this year!  The culminating 1.2 Miles will be happening on May 12th at 9:00 am here at the school, and there will be breakfast served after the race.  Students participating in the race may purchase a finishing medal (like those given out at regular marathon races) for $2, OR they may order a Goshen Marathon t-shirt AND medal for $5.  Parents may order t-shirts for themselves for $7.  An orange order form was sent home on Monday with each student.  If your family is planning on attending, those order forms are due on MONDAY, April 30th.  This is going to be a fun activity to end our year with!  Come join the fun!

Wild Wonders Assembly


On Monday, the students at Goshen School had the chance to attend an assembly featuring different animals brought by Mrs. Jacobsen from Wild Wonders.  Those students who passed off their Term 3 Math Excellence tasks were able to come see and learn about different animals like Bearded Lizards, Ringtailed Cats, Ferrets, Dessert Tortises, Chinchillas, Skunks, Parotts and Hedgehogs.  The students learned lots of fun new things about these animals.  Did you know that a hedgehog cleans itself with its spit and that a chinchilla's whiskers are ALWAYS moving?  Thanks to Mrs. Jacobsen for bringing her Wild Wonders to Goshen School!

3rd Grade Celebrates Earth Day


Goshen third graders celebrated Earth day today by cleaning up litter around the school grounds.  They each had their gloves and a smile as they worked to make Goshen Elementary a clean and beautiful part of the community.  This helped them learn the little things we can do every day to make the Earth a better place to live.