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Thank You Novell and The United Way

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The students at Goshen Elementary School have been enjoying the recently painted playground area. In August, the Novell Volunteer Project employees and the United Way provided the people and paint that made a wonderful brightly colored area possible.  Thank you Novell Volunteers and the United Way!



This year’s theme: The Magic of a Moment
Entries due Monday, October 1, 2012
Entry Forms are available in the office.
A sweet treat will be give to each student that turns in an entry.

Goshen Students Give Principal Bird a High Five for Retiring!

Pictured is Mr. Bird standing with a few students from Goshen Elementary in front of a wall of messages written for him.

Principal Garth Bird is retiring this year after working for 40 years in Nebo School District.  Mr. Bird has been the principal at Goshen Elementary for the last two years.  Here is a poem written for Mr. Garth Bird.

Garth Bird is retiring, yes it’s true,

After 40 years of service, he says he’s through.

A better principal you will never find,

He is dedicated, patient and really kind.

When it comes to teaching or leading the school,

He could always enforce the rules while remaining cool. 

He has touched many lives with his loving ways,

Faculty, students and parents will treasure these days. 

Congratulations to him on a job well done,

Bonnie and his family are in for some fun. 

His time in Nebo School District has come to an end,

For all of us that worked with him,

we’ll have a lifelong friend.

Classified Employee of the Year

Shawnie Drury was selected by the teachers of Goshen Elementary School as the Outstanding Classified Employee of the Year.  Mrs. Drury was selected because of her superb work with the fifth grade students for whom she serves as a Title I technician.  She tutors students in all subject areas, sharing her thoughts on how to do math problems, and how she figures out the plot of a story with her students.  She works with many students in a regular reading group each day.  Mrs. Drury is appreciated by the teachers and adored by the students. 

2012 Education Fair

Each year Goshen Elementary has an Education Fair where students can explore and learn more about concepts that interest them. They may participate in Language Arts, Science, Math or Social Studies activities. The students are required to make a visual, showing what they did for their project. They present their projects to judges and receive medals and collectors' coins.  This is a great event.  One that Goshen looks forward to each year.  Pictured is the grand champion in sixth grade, Brandon Jasperson and the reserve champion, Savannah Black.

March's Citizens of the Month

Goshen Elementary's citizen of the month theme for March was honesty.  These students were chosen by their teachers for always being honest: Leland Fowers, Brayden Palmer, Lita Matheny, Jada Hacking, Alexis Vazquez, Yadira Vazquez, William Matheny, Scarlett Penrod, Dexton Draper, Eduardo Vazquez, Jebb Jensen, Bowen Taylor, Sadie Fullmer, Alysa Zohner, Jeran Zohner, Rylie Tew, Brooke  Prestwich, and Matthew Tervort.

Donations at Goshen

Bill Vest, supervisor of the Nebo Child Nutrition Program, is presenting Leslie Jacobsen with a jar full of money.  Leslie, who is the head cook at Goshen Elementary School, has been treated for cancer.  The money was donated by school lunch workers at other schools in Nebo, as well as teachers and fellow workers at Goshen to help her with her treatment.  Leslie Jacobsen is seated across the table from Bill Vest, and is surrounded by her fellow workers, Debra Hudson, Tiffany Nelson, and CNP manager Donna Woodland.

If You Eat Breakfast, You May Win a Bike

William Matheny found out in a good way some of the hidden benefits of eating breakfast at school.  Everyone knows about the nutrition and satisfaction in a good breakfast, but few people know that you could also win a bicycle.  William, who is a kindergarten student at Goshen Elementary School, ate breakfast at school every day during the annual National School Breakfast Week, celebrated during the week of March 12-15 at the school.  His name was entered into the drawing each day for a brand new bicycle furnished  by the Child Nutrition Program at the district.  William didn't expect to win--in fact he didn't even know there was a contest.  But when he found out that he was selected for the bike, he was a pretty happy boy.  With training wheels in place, school head custodian Carwynn Carter helped him to ride a "victory lap" through the halls of the school.  Mr. Carter became his bike trainer and coach as William claimed he had never ridden a bike before.  William is pictured on his bike for the first time with lunch clerk Debbie Hudson (left) and lunch manager Donna Woodland proudly watching his first ride in the cafeteria.

Goshen Students will "click-it"

For the month of February Goshen Elementary students were challenged to "click-it" and wear their seat belts whenever they were in a car.  Each day they marked off a card if they wore their seat belts.  At the end of the month students were awarded for wearing seat belts during the school's health and safety week.  Students also got to experience what it would feel like to get in a wreck going five miles an hour wearing a seat belt.  Pictured is Vanessa Sandoval and Lita Matheny on the Click-it Trailer as they crashed into each other.