School News

Tie Dye at Goshen

Goshen Elementary's 1st Graders celebrated Zero the Hero's 30th day of school.  The first graders created the Zero the Hero shirts to recognize what place holder zero is.  The culminating activity has proven to be a fun tradition at the school.  The first grade teachers are thankful for the wonderful mom helpers to donate their time to integrate art, social studies, and math for the fantastic first graders.

Assistant Superintendent Wilson visits Goshen

Goshen Elementary was fortunate to have Assistant Superintendent Wilson read with a first grade class.  Mrs. Lopez's first graders anxiously listened to Llama Llama Red Pajama read aloud by Assistant Superintendent Wilson.  He made the book come alive for the students.  Loving books himself, Mr. Wilson donated this very fun book to the the class he visited.  "Thank you for making reading fun!"  the kids said.

Goshen's Fall Carnival

Pictured are students after they visited the face painting station.

Goshen Elementary ended September with their Fall Carnival.  This year one activity was Deputy Sheriff Jim Tindell used his police radar to check the speed of student softball and baseball players.  The top speed for boys was 57 miles per hour.  The girls were right behind at 55mph.  Also, Carwynn Carter, who by day is the head custodian at Goshen Elementary School, gave train rides to kids.  Students didn't leave until Mr. Nate Holt, sixth grade teacher at the school, and other parent volunteers painted their faces turning them into wild cats, vampires and clowns.

First Spirit Day at Goshen

Mr. Jason Dickie's second grade class at Goshen Elementary School won the first school spirit contest at the school this year.  The students of the winning class wear the school colors of yellow and blue more than students in any other class.  This is also the day of the PTA's Fall Carnival--another good reason to show your spirit.  The other adult in the picture is Mr. Eric Cuthill, who is serving as a student teacher in the room from the University of Phoenix.

Dreaming Big at Goshen!

Goshen Elementary students shared some of their big dreams with La Marque Ward, Pat Pugh, and Kobie Wilkerson. They are from the Ohio, Cincinnati area. La Marque Ward was a professional basketball player and continues to have new dreams and share them with others. Together they shared with students how to build their dreams on character. They began by having one student pretend to be a statue while other students were the rain falling on the statue. Students saw how the statue did not change or move. Just like the statue, we can develop our character and keep it forever. They followed up with how our dreams are held up by a strong character foundation. Students each held up one finger and saw how each fingerprint is unique. There is no one just like them and what's inside of them is unique too. Students were told to let their dreams out! Students at Goshen Elementary will be dreaming big.

Recorders at Goshen

Pictured are students from Mrs. Samantha Peckhams class.

This year Mrs. Valerie Corlett, the music specialist at Goshen Elementary, started the year off with the fourth graders learning how to play the recorder.  The students have been very excited to learn how to play their first two notes on their new instruments.  For some of them it is their first instrument to play.   Soon they will be playing "Hot Cross Buns.”  The students at Goshen are looking forward to playing all kinds of instruments this year.

Goshen's Summer Packet Extravaganza

Students in line to get wet on the Slip and Slide.

Each year Goshen students are asked to complete a summer packet.  The summer packet includes writing, math, and reading activities.  Those students that finish it get to go to the Summer Packet Extravaganza at the beginning of the next school year.  This year students had fun running around while eating snow cones, going on a slip and slide, winning cupcakes at the cake walk, and lots of other exciting activities. 

Ringing the Bell at Goshen

The old bell at Goshen Elementary could be heard through town on the first day of school this year.  The school met Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) on their end of the year tests last spring and celebrated by having each student ring the bell.  Goshen is looking forward to a great year of teaching and learning.

Keyboarding at Goshen

Sidney Burrell and Mr. Bartholomew

The fifth and sixth grade students at Goshen Elementary just finished their keyboarding classes.  The class was taught by Mr. Randy Bartholomew who had the students working toward goals this year.  Students were given candy, money, and gift cards based on the levels they reached in keyboarding.  The high scoring student, who reached Level 12 being able to type 80 words per minute, is Sidney Burrell.

Recorder Performance at Goshen

Mrs. Carrie Norton's class

The South Nebo Elementary PTA Council for their monthly visit came to Goshen Elementary.  The fourth graders performed some songs on their recorders.  They were directed by the music teacher, Mrs. Valerie Corlett who has been teaching them how to play a recorder this year.