School News



Some students take extra time to improve talents and skills at home and also enter Nebo School District's Reflections Contest. These students won trophies and treats in different categories from music/dance, photography,  literary arts, and a few others. Congratulations to them for a sweet victory!

It Pays to Read!


The end of each term is celebrated in Goshen! The Reading Fairy makes a special trip to award students with books, pencils, notebooks, backpacks, the choice between an ipod shuffle or a bicycle,  and even the chance to earn money!  The music is loud, students are pumped, and fun is had in our gym! We know in Goshen,  it definitely Pays to Read!

Who doesn't love PAJAMA DAY?


Mrs. Burningham's class wins the spirit day award! All of her students wore comfy pj's, brought blankets and stuffed animals, and snuggled up for a day of learning!

Box Top Wars


School spirit is alive at Goshen Elementary!  Students work hard at earning spirit sticks.  Our third graders brought in the most box tops to earn their spirit stick as well as a doughnut party.  It is wonderful that our school has earned over $550. just from bringing in those tiny little box top squares!  Thank you for taking the time to cut out the box tops and send them in.


Elberta Scout Troop 117 Helps Out on Veterans Day!


The Veterans Day program was a success with the help of the Elberta Scout Troop 117.   The Cub Scouts used their skills to perform the Flag Ceremony in front of the whole student body and staff.  It was great for the students to see and support our country’s flag, the scouts, the Veterans, and the school.  We appreciate the patriotism shown from our great school community.


Imagine Learning


Every morning our English Language Learners spend up to 30 minutes on a computer program called Imagine Learning.  This program provides support in their native language while building skills in English.  Grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and all the concepts associated with the English language are practiced through this program.  The program is leveled based on individual ability.  Once a skill is acquired, the students automatically progress within the program.  Reports are analyzed for curriculum planning and to measure growth from each student.  A Provo, UT company created this program with hopes to help our students succeed in school.  We are thankful for Mrs. Carreno taking time each morning to assist the students in their program.  The kids enjoy the program and teachers feel it is helping with daily assignments.

New Bikes!


How much fun is it for the kindergarteners to get their wiggles out on brand new bikes?  The students will tell you, it is super fun!  Goshen kindergarteners were given a very generous donation of tricycles from an anonymous donor.  Students, teachers, parents, and staff all enjoy seeing the smiling faces of the riders each recess.  

Cards for the Troops

Goshen Student Council members put together a school wide service project to show support for our troops.  Each student was excited to participate in making Christmas cards for our service men and women. The students put a lot of thought and effort into this special activity.