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Cookie Dough Fund Raiser


Goshen Elementary School Fundraiser

Dear Friends and Family,

We need your help to raise funds for our annual Education Fair and school wide student activities.  Our goal is to raise $2,000 for our school.  Goshen School will receive 40% profit on each cookie dough & Sweet Treats and 50% profit for other items sold online! 


  • Frozen cookie dough in 2.7 lb. tubs in seven great flavors!  There are no eggs in the dough so shelf life is up to 21 days.  Pre-made treats come individually gift wraped and ready to eat.
  • Candles, Books & Fun plaques.

Obtaining Orders:

  • Brochure orders:  If your Goshen Elementary child lives close you may order cookie dough only through the brochure.  Please make checks payable only to Goshen Elementary School.   All payments must be turned in by Feb. 14th to the front office.  Orders will arrive to the school the end of Feb. and we will post the date and time for pick up.  There are no shipping or tax charges added to the brochure prices, however shipping charges and applicable tax are added to online orders. 
  • Online Orders: Another easy way to add to our fundraiser sales is to share with your family, friends and co-workers via email and/or social media the following link: You can register as a participant and we can track your sales online for a prize.  Online orders ship directly to the customer anywhere in the USA and Canada with in 10 business days.  Simple and Easy!


Need help or have questions?

Please call or text Marcy Burrell (our Celebrating Home rep.)

At (801) 473-4038 or e-mail



First Graders or Elderly Ladies and Gentlemen?


The first graders had a little fun celebrating their 100th day of school! Walkers, canes, tights rolled to the ankles, hair curlers, grey/white hair, jewelry, glasses, and a few suspenders aided these dearies to school today! We love their enthusiasm and joy they bring to the school. We hope they stick around a few more years!

Tricks on Bikes? Only WITH Helmets


Bicycle safety was the number one message for this assembly! Riding bikes without a helmet is NEVER a good idea! Students saw some fancy tricks such as; riding backwards, balancing with two hands and feet in the air, and jumping three teachers! Students also learned how to check their bikes for proper use in less than one minute. Learning to use equipment correctly doesn't take long, saves lives, and is fun to do!

Young Living Farm Chess Tournament Winners!


Five students from Goshen Elementary participated in Young Living Farms Chess Tournament. Students and their families enjoyed the day on the farm in between matches. Out of 14 schools in the tournament, k-12, Goshen took 3rd place! All of the participants from our school received either beautiful trophies or a medal.

Who Wears Crazy Hats?


Students love showing off their creativity and school spirit. Here are a few students having some fun!

Taping Mr. Holt

 Goshen's students met December's reading challenge and earned the privilege of taping Mr. Holt to the wall!  They read a total of 161,278 minutes.  Mr. Holt was stuck to the wall for 2:41 minutes!  Thank you Mr. Holt for being a good sport!


There's Nothing Despicable About Goshen School!


Our art teacher Ms. Lee loves three things: her daughter, the student's at Goshen Elementary, and MINIONS!  She shared her passion and art skills with all the students as part of their specialty time.  Some students couldn't resist taking their minions home, but others contributed to the stuffed case.  Thanks for sharing the message and keeping our school cute!

Helping Friends!


These students can always be found helping others.  Their teachers nominated them for November's Student of the Month because of their kind actions toward others.  Kindness is contagious and there are many friends throughout our school.  Thank you for being remarkable citizens of Goshen Elementary!

Ronald McDonald Gives Back


Goshen had a special guest!  Ronald McDonald shared with the students and staff a great message of giving back.  There was a bit of magic, a little pretending, and a lot of teaching on ways to help our community.  The students and staff enjoyed the fun assembly and will remember to help others!

Food Drive


There was a LOT of support from the students in our annual Food Drive!  Families will be sure to have a good meal with all the food brought in.  Thank you Goshen Friends!