School News

SCC Members and Emails 2017-2018

Goshen School Community Council

For 2017 - 2018

Faculty Members                                 E- Mail         

Lynette DeGraffenried (Principal)          

Janille Osborn (facilitator)            

Travis Proctor                             

Carrie Norton                              

Parent Members                                  E-Mail  

Tiffini Robbins                           

Rachel Pipkin                           

Claudia Linan                           

Sammy Steinfeldt                  

Megan Carlisle                            

Meeting Schedule: 

Time – 3:30 p.m. in the conference   room.  (The first Tuesday of each month!)

Sept. 5th,         Oct. 3rd,         Nov. 7th,      ---- 2017 

Jan. 9th,     Feb. 6th,      March – 6th,     ---- 2018   

We're Remodeling!


During spring break the remodel on Goshen School will begin.  Safety fences will be put up to protect students from the construction.  The main doors will no longer be available to enter the school.  After spring break students and patrons will enter the school through the doors by the first grade classrooms.   The front office will be located in computer lab 1.  There will be signs posted to show the way.  

We are excited about the remodel. It will provide a safer entrance to our school, a much needed new roof, upgraded computer labs, teacher workroom and office area.  The remodel is scheduled to be completed by the first part of September.  We will post updates to the schedule on our Goshen website.