Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week!

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Walking in the front doors!
We love our lunch ladies!
Mrs. Seamons-PE
Mrs. Black-Art
Ms. Thorton-K
Mrs. Mitchell and Ms. Thorton-K
Mrs. Robison-Office
Mrs. Kay-Nurse
Mrs. DeGraffenried-Principal
Mrs. Christensen-Mentor
Mrs. Rucker-Instructional Coach
Mrs. Oberg-Office
Mrs. Harker- Special Ed Teacher
Faculty Room!
Mrs. Long- 6th
Mrs. Staheli- Library
Mrs. Penrod- Special Ed Teacher
Mrs. Osborn-1st
Mrs. Castro-1st
Mrs. Penrod-2nd
Mrs. Larson-2nd
Mrs. Carreno- ESL
Mrs. Nielson- Skills
Ms. Adams-3rd
Mrs. Barber-3rd
Mrs. Winfree and Mrs. Rankin
Mr. Carter and Mrs. Burgess
Ms. Carter-4th
Mrs. Norton-4th
Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Olsen
Ms. Heaton-5th
Mrs. Openshaw
Mr. Hunt-6th
Mrs. Curley- Computers

May 6-10 is teacher and staff appreciation! Write a kind note, draw a picture, or just say, "thanks!" to your awesome teachers and staff at Goshen Elementary! We are blessed to have such great PTA members and parents who spoil us during this week (and all year). Check out these SWEET doors. The school looks divine, come take a look!