Secretaries Day


Today is Secretaries Day!  We have two of the best ladies that run our office that we would like to celebrate!  Man people think that the principal and teachers run the school, but that's not true!  It's actually our wonderful secretaries, Mrs. Brenda Oberg and Mrs. Sheila Robison, that keep our school running!  We as a school staff, and all of our students want to say a HUGE "THANK YOU" to them for everything they do!  They not only run the front office, but find subs for sick teachers at the last minute, take classes until a sub can be found, take care of nervous students until parents can be contacted and even acts as school nurse when ours isn't here.  Without them, our school wouldn't run like a well oiled machine!  If you see these ladies today, please let them know how much they are appreciated!