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School Community Council Notes (September 25, 2014) and October 2014 Agenda

Submitted by l.degraffenried on Mon, 10/06/2014 - 18:00

Goshen School’s

School Community Council

Agenda for Oct. 28th, 14

1.  Review of our school’s testing results from last year.

2.  Discuss SLO’s (student learning objectives)

3.  Open discussion – ideas – concerns – suggestions

 ***Note: Review goal #2 on this years School Improvement Plan and come to our next meeting (Nov. 25th,) prepared to discuss any    changes, deletions, or additions that you’d like to make to that goal for next year!    


Minutes from our September School Community Council Meeting  (3:40 p.m.)

We watched a power-point presentation on the responsibilities that school community council members have. Everyone was given copies of the following; Goshen School’s - School Improvement Plan, the laws governing school community councils, s.c.c. training handouts, a list of s.c.c. members and their e-mail addresses and a copy of our academic assessment calendar.

       We also did/discussed the following;

*Eric Hazelet was nominated to be the committee chair by Joanie Burningham and the nomination was seconded by Amy Staheli – the voting was unanimous to elect him.

*Leslie Baguley was nominated to be the committee vice-chair by Eric Hazelet and the nomination was seconded by Rachel Pipkin – the voting was unanimous to elect her.

*We discussed how the Trust Lands money was spent last year.

* Our school theme for the year, “Be a Bucket Filler” was discussed.

*We discussed and signed off on our schools, “Title One Plan.”

*We discussed some future district community council meetings.

*We discussed the possibility of having a reading carnival and our current “Road to Success Reading Program.”

*Box Top wars were briefly mentioned

Joanie Burningham made a motion that the meeting be adjorned until Oct. 28th, the motioned was seconded by Amy Staheli. The voting was unanimous to adjourn the meeting at  4:47 p.m.