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PTA Health and Safety Week!

Submitted by courtney.adams on Sun, 02/24/2019 - 00:10

February 25-March 1 will be our health and safety week! Our PTA has worked hard planning an exciting, and informational, week. We are excited to talk and learn more about how to be safe and stay healthy. 

Monday, Feb 25- Goshen School is the BOMB (wear red)

Tuesday, Feb 26- Let your friendship shine! (wear yellow) 

Wednesday, Feb 27- Be seen (wear green) 

Thursday, Feb 28- Love your body (wear blue) 

Friday, March 1- Hats off to Healthy and Safety (wear a hat) 

Please encourage students to wear those colors on the specific days. Don’t forget to ask your student what they learned each day about health and safety!