May 2019

Saying Goodbye is Hard!


We are lucky to have such fabulous teachers at Goshen Elementary! Mrs. Merrill, Mrs. Albright, and Ms. Winfree are on to different things for next year. We will sure miss them! 

Track Meet!


Our students enjoy the track meet every year! These students placed in different events at their track meets! They represented Goshen Elementary in a great way!



We are very proud of our 4th-5th grade keyboarders! They were invited to a district competition and did very well! 


We have been so fortunate the last couple of years to have a MATHLETE program! Mrs. Albright has been leading our 4th-6th graders in competitions during the year. They have worked so hard and learned many valuable skills. We had multiple students place in the top 50%! We are very proud of our students and thankful for Mrs. Albright. 

4th-5th Grade Dance Assembly


Our 4th and 5th graders took us on a journey through dance! We went through books that they have enjoyed this year. It was so great to see their creativiity and expression come out during their dances. They worked so hard! A special thanks to their amazing teachers and Rachel Marie Kimball, our dance specialist.