January 2019

Goshen Marathon!

Mrs. Rucker getting students amped up for the marathon!

Our 2nd Annual Goshen Marathon has begun!! We are very excited to participate again this year. The students will be running 25 miles while at school until mid May. We will get together on a Saturday in May and run the last 1.2 miles at the school! **More info to come.  We love having a running pro like Mrs. Rucker to help motivate us! 

New Student Council


Our 6th grade students have the opportunity to serve on our student council each term. They are awesome examples for our younger students and help with many different things. They help with morning announcements, hall duty, monthly themes, and much more! Ms. Carter is a great advisor! 

January Ambassador of the Month!

Ambassadors of the Month with Mrs. DeGraffenied and Spirit the Falcon!

Our month's theme was a tough one, EMPATHY! Our students were a wonderful example of caring for other people. We are lucky to have such great students at Goshen Elementary! 

All About Ms. Thornton

Ms. Thornton is our OEK technician.  She works with Mrs. Mitchell and loves kindergarten. Her favorite places to visit are France and Italy.  She loves to go places with her family. She loves cheesecake and Orange Crème Soda. Her favorite books (right now) are Anita Stanfield’s books.  She loves it when her kids are happy.

Thank you Ms. Thornton for helping us learn to read and write.

#betheONE #goshenhero

All About Ms. Heaton


Ms. Heaton is one of our fabulous fifth grade teachers!  She loves to visit The Ranch (her family home). She taught school is China before joining us at Goshen.  She enjoys China and Costa Rica. Her favorite food is EVERYTHING. She enjoys water and an occasional Dr. Pepper.  Her favorite book is “Wonder.”  Her favorite movie is Cool Running.  She loves to teach fifth grade and cares about each of her students.

Thank you Ms. Heaton for helping our students to learn!

#betheONE #goshenhero

All About Mrs. Copley


Mrs. Copley is new to our school this year.  She is a Child Nutritionist and works in the lunch room.  She loves the mountains, especially Grand Canyon.  She likes tacos and Cherry Fresh Lime to drink.  She likes to read ghost stories and her favorite movie is The Notebook. 

Thank you Mrs. Copley for helping to provide a good lunch for us!

#betheOne #goshenhero

All About Mrs. Castro


Mrs. Castro is new to our school this year.  She teaches first grade!  She loves to visit Hawaii and spend time with her family.  Her favorite food is pizza and she enjoys Dr. Pepper!  Her favorite book is Divergent.  Her favorite movie is Ride Along.   She would love to learn to play the piano!  She loves to teach first grade and her students adore her!

Thank you Mrs. Castro for helping our students to learn!

#betheONE #goshenhero

Loretta Brailsford is a Nebo Hero


Loretta Brailsford, Goshen Elementary Crossing Guard, was recognized as a Nebo Hero in the Nebo School District Nebo News.  She is dedicated and knows each student's name.  She greets them with a smile and goes the extra mile.  She is a Crossing Guard Extraordinaire!  Thank you Loretta!

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