January 2019

Loretta Brailsford is a Nebo Hero


Loretta Brailsford, Goshen Elementary Crossing Guard, was recognized as a Nebo Hero in the Nebo School District Nebo News.  She is dedicated and knows each student's name.  She greets them with a smile and goes the extra mile.  She is a Crossing Guard Extraordinaire!  Thank you Loretta!

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All About Mrs. Mills


Mrs. Mills is one of our Intervention Specialists. She tutors students in reading and math. Her favorite places to visit are Fish Lake, Alturus Lake and Idaho.  She has also visited the coast of Maine.  She likes, cashews, shrimp and homemade chicken noodle soup.  She enjoys Root Beer and Limeade with Sprite.  Her favorite movie is The Christmas Card.  She loves it when her family comes to visit.

Thank you Mrs. Mills for helping us to learn to read,

#betheOne #goshenhero

All About Mrs. Lyons


Mrs. Lyons is our school counselor.  She teaches our students how to be great citizens, about bullying and being a friend.  She loves to be in the mountains and riding her horse.  The most exotic place she has visited is Hawaii. She likes to eat steak and potatoes.  She likes Dr. Pepper.  Her favorite book is Where the Red Fern Grows and her favorite movie is Miracle (Disney).  She would like to learn how to do beading on a loom.

Thank you Mrs. Lyons for helping us to be our best!

#betheOne #goshenhero

All About Mrs. Larson

Mrs. Larson is one of our fantastic second grade teachers. She loves to visit Payson Canyon and the Bahamas. She enjoys chocolate.  Her favorite drink is Root Beer.  Her favorite book is City of Ember and loves to watch romances. One day she wants to learn to play the Ukulele. She also enjoys spending time with her family.

Thank you Mrs. Larson for helping our students to learn!

#betheONE #goshenheroesSOAR