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November 2014

Dairy Farmers of Utah & Nebo Food Services Assembly

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 11/14/2014 - 09:02
Fuel Up to play 60 Assembly
Fuel Up to play 60 Assembly
Fuel Up to play 60 Assembly
Fuel Up to play 60 / Video by Alex Smith Assembly

The students at Goshen School enjoyed a wonderful and fun assembly given by The Utah & Nevada Dairy Farmers and the Nebo School District Food Services Department. It was the Fuel Up to play 60 Assembly. A special visitor was Trudy the cow, she taught the students that eating balanced meals and exercising daily was the best way to stay healthy and fit. It was a fun assembly with a video from pro-football player Alex Smith, a milk mistache contest and even a dance preformed by teachers and Trudy! 

1st Grade Celebrates the 50's

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1st Grade 50th Day of School

The first grade classes celebrated the 50th day of school in style!  With bobby socks, poddle skirts, leather jackets, rolled up levi's, pony tails and slicked back hair! To make it half way to our 100 day goal, the Happy Days of the 50's, was enjoyed by all.

Thank You Veterans!

Submitted by l.degraffenried on Tue, 11/11/2014 - 17:36

Goshen students started their day by gathering around the flag pole to participate in a flag raising ceremony honoring our country’s veterans.  Students, faculty and staff repeated the Pledge of Allegiance and participated in a moment of silence honoring our Veterans. 

Students also had the opportunity to participate in Goshen’s Veteran Day Art Contest.  The entries are hanging in the main hall.  Grade level winners will be announced after the morning assembly on Friday, November 11, 2014.



School Community Council Notes (October 2014) and November 2014 Agenda

Submitted by l.degraffenried on Fri, 11/07/2014 - 13:53

Goshen School

School Community Council

Agenda for Nov. 25th, 2014

  1. Approve October’s S.C.C. minutes
  2. Public participation at Goshen School Community Council meetings  (form)  
  3. Discuss School Improvement Goal #2 - Math (should we make any changes for next year?)
  4. Other: open discussion – ideas concerns – suggestions    

* Be prepared to discuss goal #3. (about science) at our next meeting on Jan. 27th.

Minutes from our October School Community Council Meeting

                                            (Start time 3:40p.m.)

 *** Participation in school community councils – rough draft handout***

The requirements for a patron to participate in one of our school community council meetings was discussed. Suggestions were given on how to improve the rough draft and a final draft will be presented at the next meeting for approval.

             **Discussion on School Improvement plan goal #1.**  

The school district is placing a strong emphasis on improving the DIBELS test scores in the early grades. The scores must improve, or the district will lose a large amount of money used to help students with k-3 literacy. Our teachers are brainstorming in their teaching teams to come-up with ways to improve the test scores. We are especially looking for ways to help our E.L.L. students. We also discussed the importance of involving parents in helping to improve the test scores in reading…it was decided to have a parent night as early as November if possible.

A motion was made to accept goal #1 by Joanie Burningham and 2nd by Sheryl Hazelet – the voting was unanimous to accept goal #1.

                            ** Discussion on last Springs SAGE test scores**    

Our test results from last year on Sage Testing was discussed. Goshen School students scored slightly higher in science, math, and the language arts than other students in the state and in the district in similar schools.

                    **Discussion on SLO’s (student learning objectives)**

We discussed how SLO’s are going to be used to improve student learning and that SLO’s were going to be used to strengthen some weaknesses in writing at our school…especially in opinion writing.

         *** A motion was made by Lynette DeGraffenried and 2nd by Sheryl Hazelet to accept the minutes of our September meeting as amended...the voting was unanimous in favor of accepting September’s minutes as amended.

         ***Leslie Baguley made a motion to adjourn our meeting – the motion was 2nd by Joanie Burningham and the voting was unanimous in favor of ending the meeting at 4:50p.m.                                                           


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